How Should the Ideal Township of your Dreams Look?

Integrated townships are becoming the new norm in real estate. They are gaining popularity among urban dwellers for space and lifestyle that a township offers. Spread across a significant portion of land on peripheral parts of the cities, they provide the perfect amalgamation of open space, residential living and commercial units. This, of course, is a generic way of defining a township. However, what is it that you expect from a township in which you plan to live or invest? How should the dream township look? A row of castles from your favourite fantasy movie or robust buildings giving the feel of the industrial era? Well, when it comes to that picture-perfect township, it should be a blend of that fantasy movie and industrialisation. Below are a few features that can make a township ideal, straight from your dream world. 

Walk in a Green, Open Space: With the rising population and reducing land space, there is a paucity of green areas. However, greenery is essential for the very existence of mankind. If you are making that effort of searching for a well-designed township for which you are willing to go a little far from the city centre, then this is one feature, which should be there in the township.

Walking everyday for a few minutes amidst lush green landscape will be rejuvenating. It is nothing less than a fairy tale to share. Away from the harsh and polluted environment, some time close to nature will prove to be de-stressing and beneficial for your health. Look for a township that has ample green space, pocket parks with blooming flowers and butterflies that will be a treat for your eyes and hearing the chirping of birds will be detoxifying. 

Open Layout with Ventilation: Along with open and green space outside, the layout of the apartments in the township should be such that there is proper ventilation. It is vital for you, your family and their good health. Optimum air flow inside the house will also remove the unpleasant fragrances and air pollutants.

When you wake up every morning and open the windows, the circulation of fresh breeze will be revitalising. So, you should look for this feature as it will make the township ideal in which it will be worth living. 

The Privacy: The other aspect that often bothers in apartment living is the lack of privacy. Your window opening to the window of your neighbour is not always pleasant. The houses and buildings in a township should get planned in a manner that it contributes to the privacy of the residents. You should be able to go and sit in the balcony without worrying about any interference. 

So, the township design should be such that the many flats and houses are well spaced apart giving every family their space. 

The Security: It is vital to give security the higher precedence. Unlike, a gated community a township is large and spread over acres of land. So, you need to be more careful in terms of security. The entry and exit points should be guarded with CCTV security cameras at every strategic location.

Along with this aspect of security, you should also see that there are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and easy accessibility to stairway from every flat. 

Basic & Luxurious Amenities: A township is huge, and it should have all the modern-day conveniences and luxurious. Other than location, you should look for amenities like school, hospital, clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, multiplex, tennis and basketball court and more. Imagine walking to the gym every morning before work, your kids walking to school and getting enough exposure to extra-curricular opportunities. You can know more about the essential amenities in an apartment from here

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