Additional Amenities that Everyone Should Look for Before Buying a House in a Township or Society

Times are changing, and priorities are rearranging. It is a fast-paced world in which we are living. There is a constant rush in everyone’s life and the need for a warm and inviting home is far greater than ever before. The home needs to be an invigorating sanctuary and the township should offer the choicest amenities for an enriching lifestyle. Home buyers need thoughtfully designed homes with amenities for every family member. These amenities were looked upon as luxury once upon a time. However, with a demanding work life cycle, these have become necessities, the way of life.

It is for increasing convenience and greater comfort that the concept of integrated township is becoming popular even in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. An integrated township is a project that is spread over sprawling space and has commercial and residential structures with every basic amenity and infrastructure. Such self-sufficient townships are becoming a necessity. A promising township should have several additional conveniences offering all the lifestyle advantages. Read on to know about such conveniences and comforts, which are a must in a township.

Walk-to-Nature: When you are planning to buy a house in an integrated township, ensure there is ample green space. It should not be a small and crowded garden. Rather, a space where you can soak freshness and bask under the sun whenever you want. Moreover, landscaped gardens are more of a necessity considering the rising pollution levels. So, look for a project where there are many gardens and a sizable green area where you can relax and be one with nature.

Walk-to-School: If the township has a school, then your children will have a definite advantage. They will not have to travel long distance. Instead, they can walk to school, save their time and channelise the saved time in extra-curricular activities and academics.

Walk-to-Play: There should be play areas for toddlers and many outdoor options for children. They should be able to pursue their hobbies and groom themselves. It should be a space where your children can experience holistic development. With such open spaces and fitness arenas, children will have something to look up to beyond tabs and smartphones. It should be a go-to-place for socialising and overall development.

Walk-to-Safety: A township is quite vast and spread over acres of land. This makes safety utmost important. Your children should be able to go and play in a safe and conducive environment. When you go to the office, you need not have to worry about your family’s safety. So, look for 24*7 security with CCTV surveillance across the township.

Walk-to-Hospital: The township should have good health care facility within the premises. It is basic and comes useful in the event of an emergency. So, when you are planning to buy a home in a township, you should look for this facility, which is usually not there in a gated community project. Moreover, this facility comes beneficial for senior citizens too.

Walk-to-Shop & Entertain: There should also be shopping arcades and malls, which will make your life so much sorted. You can shop for essentials and luxuries whenever you want when there are ample options around the corner. Likewise, imagine walking down to watch your favourite movie on a Friday night straight after reaching home. It is one additional amenity for which every movie buff will be thankful!

Along with the above amenities, a township should offer commutation service. Such township projects are usually located a little far from the city centre. So, if a shuttle service is provided, then it will come useful for the residents. 

It is these amenities that will make a township stand apart from a compact, gated community. Swimming pool, fitness centre and clubs are there in almost every society. However, going beyond these and designing the project to take care of your everyday life is what sets a township apart. If you are looking for such a project, where all your needs big and small are taken care, then it’s time you explore the Vrindavan township in Nagpur by Radha Madhav developers. From temple to shuttle service, shopping complex to multiplex, mini-cricket stadium to ATM services, you will benefit with every amenity, every convenience when you buy a home in this township. Moreover, 24*7 security and CCTV surveillance will make it your happy and safe place. Every festival and occasion gets celebrated here and with a personal touch as the developer of this project is also a resident of the township. Know more about this project and explore the different investment options in Vrindavan in Jamtha, Nagpur. Visit this 111-acre project and embrace the big Vrindavan family where efforts are made to make every day memorable, everyday special.