10 Essential Amenities in 2019 To Look for While Buying Apartments

The apartment culture of living in gated communities and integrated townships is on the rise in India. A trend, which ushered a new era in the real estate sector in metro cities, is now increasingly visible in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. If you see, the new residential projects in Nagpur are primarily townships with row houses and skyscrapers. As the Indian cities are on the path of becoming smart cities, there is more economic growth taking place, which is reshaping the lifestyle and concept of housing. If you are also moving to a new town and planning to make a real estate investment, then think in terms of amenities. There are many joys of community living, which should be a part of the township in which you are investing. 

Here are 10 such essential amenities that are a must in the apartment in which you are planning to invest.

Power Backup: When you are buying a house in an apartment, you must check if they offer complete power backup. There are some projects with 80% backup too. If such is the scenario, then your power-run appliances will not run in the event of a power cut. Ideally, the apartment should offer the facility of 100% backup in which all your appliances and gadgets will operate. When the main power supply is not there, you can still run the AC, heater, TV, refrigerator and more and experience comfortable living. 

Water Backup: Along with power, water is also a basic amenity which you should get in an apartment. With uninterrupted water supply through the day, you can do your household chores carefree. You should check with the developer regarding the water quality and if there is 24*7 water supply in the apartment. Along with the developer, checking with the neighbours is also a good idea. 

Road Development: Even the road network in and around the apartment should be well-laid. When you decide to buy an apartment, you should check if the road inside the apartment and the one leading to it is made of concrete. A bumpy ride is the last thing that you will want when driving to and fro from your new house. 

Spacious Apartment: Living in a spacious home is not a luxury rather a necessity. It not only gives an elegant look and feel but allows you to design it the way you want. You will not have to think twice before getting that recliner for home or king size bed for your bedroom. So, always check the carpet area and then take the plunge. 

Plumbing and Sewage: This often turns out to be a loophole as most people overlook this aspect. However, you should ask the developer about the plumbing and sewage system as constant plumbing, and sewage repairs involve a lot of money and time. So, check for these gaps that can affect the walls, furniture and incur huge losses. 

Waste Disposal: With the burgeoning pressure of population and crisis of waste disposal, it is essential that you check with the developer regarding garbage disposal management. There should be an efficient and environmentally friendly waste management system. 

Security: Along with the above amenities inside the apartment, among the outside one’s safety is of prime importance. You should check for manpower and technology-driven security mechanism. Most developers hire security staff from an agency, so they should check about the contract, rotation system of security guards and carry out due diligence on the agency. Besides, you should check for CCTV cameras, their placement, working and monitoring. 

Conveniences in Proximity: The advantage of buying a home in a township is that you will have things of everyday comfort in proximity. From the grocery store to the vegetable mart, schools to hospital, you should ensure that these everyday essentials are within the vicinity or in proximity. 

Open, Green Space: With the rising pollution levels in every city, a green dwelling is an essential amenity for which you should look out. There should be ample parks, play areas and green areas in the gated community. Such green areas are soothing for the eyes and a perfect source of fresh air through the day. 

Social Infrastructure: When you are planning to buy a home in an apartment, you should ensure that there are ample options for socialising and meeting people. A clubhouse, community hall and party lawn are some of the amenities that are a must. 

Fitness Hubs: With the increasing need for work-life balance and striving for healthy living, it is imperative that you look for a township that offers many fitness options. Among others a gym, swimming pool, tennis and basketball court should be there for fitness enthusiasts.

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